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Drone Nesting Station: DDC and Volatus Collaborate

Commercializing the Volatus Aerieport Drone Nesting Station to Enhance Global Drone Operations and Market Reach Vaughan, Ontario-based Drone Delivery Canada Corp. and fellow Canadian aerospace provider Volatus Aerospace Group recently announced a partnership to commercialize the Volatus Aerieport Drone Nesting Station in partnership with DDC’s Remote Operations center. This follows …

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DDC, Volatus Aerospace to team up for drone nesting stations

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) and Volatus Aerospace announced the beginning of a collaboration to commercialise the Volatus Aerieport drone nesting station along with DDC’s Remote Operations Centre. This follows the announcement of their planned merger, initially disclosed on 21 May, according to the official release from DDC. “This is just …

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Technology can protect nesting birds

The technology is far superior to human eyes, which can be a big bonus in conservation. Birds nesting on the ground across farmlands in Europe often face a singular threat: plows and other agricultural tools. Each spring numerous breeding farmland birds fall victim to agricultural activities as people fail to …

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