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Central Park illuminated by first-ever drone show

Thousands of drones lit up the Big Apple sky in a breathtaking installation Saturday night — marking the first orchestrated drone flights to dance above Central Park. The show, organized by Dutch studio DRIFT, soared above the park’s lake in an exploration of the “relationship between humans, nature and technology.” …

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Notes from Central Taiwan: Where are all the drones?

The military and civilian applications of drones in warfare, from reconnaissance to attacking vehicles to delivering supplies to beleaguered civilians and soldiers, are well known and oft-discussed — though not enough in Taiwan By Michael Turton / Contributing reporter In March, CNN reported on the public exhibition of new made-in-Taiwan …

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Drone’s-Eye View | Central Florida Ag News

Aerobotics Brings Technological Edge to Agriculture by TERESA SCHIFFER There is a new technology being deployed by farmers across the country to aid in monitoring and managing the farmland. Welcome to the 21st century, where flying drones scope out the landscape, equipped with special sensors for collecting pertinent data, relaying …

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