Star Wars Drones Can Actually Fight for Supremacy

The world’s most popular franchises never truly die, they just move with the times. You only have to look at the Pokemon Go popularity wave sweeping across entire continents to confirm that. But to move with the times in the drone industry, you have to get off the ground, and that’s exactly what Star Wars, another perennial fan favorite, is about to do.

star wars drone X-Wing

RC toymaker Propel is all set to launch a new Star Wars themed set of drones, with four unique, painstakingly produced quadcopters inspired by the popular movie franchise. For a price expected to be between $300-$400, Star Wars and drone fans alike will be able to buy one of four quadcopters. The four drones enthusiasts can choose from are the classic Millenium Falcon, a T-65 X-Wing fighter, Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced X1, and a speeder bike from Return of the Jedi, which comes complete with a mini stormtrooper.

While the buzz of flying around iconic vehicles from the Star Wars saga is enticing enough, a lot of work has gone into the drones, created by Propel, well-known for its high-quality RC products. These nimble crafts can reach speeds of 25mph. In under three seconds. This power has also not been at the expense of cosmetic appeal. When you’re flying an X-Wing, you want it to look like an X-Wing after all.

Each quadcopter fits in the palm of your hand and is powered by swappable battery packs, so you can stay in the air for longer between charges. The polycarbonate props are buffed to look as clear as possible, with the idea being that you can’t see the blades when they’re in motion. Uniquely, each of the four rotors is positioned upside down, underneath the main body of the craft, building air pressure from below in a system that Propel calls “reverse propulsion”.

Star wars green laser shooting dronestar wars laser shooting drone



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But now for the best bit. We’ve reported in recent weeks on the rise of  the Game of Drones scene, which encompasses everything from mid-air aerial combat battles to catching your opponent inside a net. Well, Propel has also added a degree of aerial warfare to its Star Wars drones. The Star Wars collection can also do battle with lasers due the Propel’s onboard weapon system. All you have to do is fly with a friend/enemy, and attack each other with the built-in lasers. When one drone registers a hit from a laser, its paired controller will vibrate in the pilot’s hands. After three hits the drone will slowly spiral to the ground: game over.

star wars collection propel

The Star Wars Collection drones can be reserved now on Propel’s website.

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