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Ring’s drone home camera for home is proving to be a technological marvel and experts are already impressed by what they see. The Always Home Cam is basically a flying drone camera that keeps an eye out in every corner of the house in your absence. And yes, without you having to do anything.

Ring’s new security camera can practically replace all your security cameras at home. It is expected to cost $249.99 and shipping is expected to start next year. But tech experts in the industry are too impressed by it to wait that long.

Drone for a security camera? Brilliant!

Imagine having a drone respond to a burglar trying to break in when you’re not home. Or even a flying security camera making the rounds of the house to make sure everything is in place, safe and sound. It will give various viewpoints without much of human intervention. How’s that, you ask?

Ring’s Always Home Cam is fully autonomous. Basically, owners can teach it path and build a map of the home for it to follow. Users can set up viewpoints such as kitchen or bedroom. Once set up, the drone can be flown on demand and even be programmed to fly when a disturbance is detected by the Ring Alarm system.

Ring cam

The security drone records only when in flight, not when parked it is in its dock as the camera is blocked by it. An audible sound during flight is by design, but shouldn’t be a nuisance as it is designed to work in absence of everyone at home.

In addition to its autonomous nature, Ring’s drone security cam is smart too. It can avoid obstacles during flight, so your pet is safe, so is your child and that expensive painting on the wall. There are several use cases for this gadget, such as checking if the gas is left on, the geyser is on, the windows of the room are locked and things like that.

We just have to wait until next year to see if the Ring Always Home Cam lives up to its expectations.

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