Putin mouthpiece threatens to eliminate UK with nuclear dron…

Kiselyov has joined a list of Russia state TV presenters threatening the UK for the active role played in helping Kyiv fight back attempts to inglobate Ukraine into Russia. The Russia 1 host claimed Moscow could “plunge Britain into the depths of the sea” by deploying the Poseidon drone as he described in detail the effect of the nuclear weapon on the UK. Kiselyov said: “Another option is to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea using Russia’s unmanned underwater vehicle Poseidon.

The Russian pundit contined: “Such a barrier alone also carries extreme doses of radiation.

“Having passed over the British Isles, it will turn whatever might be left of them into a radioactive desert, unfit for anything for a long time.”

The comments come days after Rodina Party chairman Aleksey Zhuravlyov warned Britain would be “no more” if Russia deployed one of its Sarmat missiles.

He said: “We’ll start with a blank slate. The question is can they shoot it down. This missile can’t be intercepted.

Putin’s nuke blackmail threat unravels ‘St Petersburg and Moscow wiped out in 90 seconds!’

Vladimir Putin reignited fears of a military clash after putting his nuclear arsenal on high alert two days after his troops began to invade Ukraine in February.

Fears of a nuclear war have been rocketing as experts have warned Putin could resort to using his nuclear weapons to secure some of his objectives after failing to take over Kyiv.

Russian troops have been forced to retreat east, where they renewed their attempts to take over the whole of south Ukraine to effectively landlock the eastern European nation.

Efforts have been focussed on the areas of Donbas, a pivotal point to build a corridor linking Russia proper with Crimea.

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