Parallel Flight Technologies signs deal with India’s UAV Sys…

Parallel Flight Technologies, a leading developer of autonomous heavy-lift drone technology and hybrid propulsion, announced a purchase agreement for 50 aircraft, with paid deposits, from UAV Systems Private Limited (UAVS), a drone and robotics solution provider based in India. In addition, Parallel Flight will provide ongoing maintenance, repair and overhaul support to UAV Systems and its end-user base for increased efficiency and uptime of all platforms. Deliveries are slated to begin in 2024.

This landmark agreement is the next chapter for Parallel Flight’s global expansion and will bolster the company’s leadership role for full-stack UAV solutions in India. The two companies will work together to differentiate and amplify the customer experience by providing comprehensive solutions that merge innovative technology, safety, high efficiency and low-cost solutions across the industrial sector.

UAV Systems Private Limited specializes in the field of UAV’s and is backed by a diversified group of major Indian conglomerates, spanning auto, ev, battery manufacturing, fortified fencing and hospitality. The UAV Systems team has extensive experience penetrating emerging markets and has a keen focus on integrating turnkey solutions for its customers. The country’s adoption of drone technology is widespread across various sectors, including energy, agriculture, renewables, mining, conservation/reforestation, defense, law enforcement, and numerous other industrial logistic applications.

“After extensive global research, we decided to strike a partnership with Parallel Flight because of their differentiated technology, divergent thinking, ability to understand customer behavior and the excellent backgrounds, from the likes of Tesla, that their team brings to the table,” says Arab Khan, CEO of UAV Systems. He continues, “The extensive knowledge of their scientists and engineers speaks for itself, as they have developed superior heavy-lift drone technology which can help address a UAV technology gap throughout India. Our team is looking forward to joining hands – we see this as just the beginning and we see the demand for Parallel’s units to grow to 500+ over the next few years.”

Parallel Flight’s USA built, flagship aircraft, the 122 kg MTOW Firefly, has been widely praised as a ‘heavy-lift workhorse’ and is well suited for numerous industrial applications. Backed by USDA, NASA and NSF. The company’s proprietary Parallel Hybrid Electric Multirotor (PHEM) drone technology enables the Firefly to carry an impressive 45kg payload (not including fuel) for up to 1.6 hours. The proprietary IP built into Parallel Flight’s flagship aircraft allows for 10x longer endurance and range, making it an exponential gain over all-electric drones. Parallel Flight’s innovative technology recently resulted in a signed USSOCOM CRADA and partnership with global NGO, Island Conservation, for critical biodiversity initiatives on remote islands.


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