Meet Entrepreneur Romeo Filip, Founder and CEO of BattleFoam Designs


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So how do you go from producing wooden bats for major leagues stars to producing the ultimate carrying case for drone racers”?  Careers often take circuitous routes and such is the case for Romeo Filip, Founder and CEO of BattleFoam Designs.  Filip, a Marine and an entrepreneur left the bat manufacturing game and looked for a new passion.

Diable Bats, my wood baseball bat company was a lesson on life.  The business and personal side of baseball was really eye opening on what the business world was all about.  I learned the hard way that making good products was not always the answer to a successful business.  People need to like what you make but also relate to you as a company and a person. 

He found a new passion in the world of Miniature Wargaming, a simulation game which incorporates miniature figures and modeled terrain. As an active participant in local events, he stumbled across a business opportunity. Enter Battlefoam, Filip’s company that makes storage containers for miniatures used in wargaming.

The word quickly spread about Battle Foam and the company grew from 1 employee to 20 plus.  In just 3 years our company went from having a small staff of friends and family to an international business with manufacturing plants in both Arizona and just East of London UK.  Battle Foam currently staffs over 25 employees and has grown year over year since 2009.

And then came a piece on drone racing on The Today Show.  Filip saw a similar opportunity to the one he found in wargaming:  Participants who had a need to move valuable and varying shaped equipment from venue to venue.  Meet BattleFoam Designs, manufacturer and marketer of bags, hard cases, and foam trays for drone racing equipment of all shapes and sizes.


Filip wanted “each and every drone pilot to be treated as if they are the number one pilot in the world.”  From standard offerings to customized foam, BattleFoam Designs has a mission to be the go-to solution provider for carry cases for the emergence of the drone racing world.  BattleFoam Designs system has an inventory of dimensions for popular drone racing equipment. For those racers with more customized requirements, the site offers tools to define the exact layout of the foam shadow-box.

With the investment made by racers in frames, motors, props, batteries, controllers, and goggles, and the need to transport and manage this equipment, BattleFoam Designs is solving a real market need.


Coming Soon: Dave Shevett of and an active racer will present his step-by-step experience in creating a customized foam solution for his collection of traveling components.


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