International Drone Expo Plans to Be Informative, Productive, and Fun

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 1.53.24 PMThe International Drone Expo Trade show and conference taking place in Los Angeles on December 9-10 looks to bring people together who work in the UAS industry: manufacturers, commercial users, enthusiasts, as well as those who have an active interest in it to be educated, have some fun and do business.

In its third year, the show has steadily grown and draws an international crowd. Initially a collaboration between the Tesla Foundation, UAVSA, and E.J. Krause & Associates, the show is now produced solely by the Krause organization though UAVSA and Tesla remain associated with the event.

The show will feature sessions and companies covering a wide spectrum of drone topics and their application to industries including entertainment, agriculture,  search and rescue, real estate and architecture. Speakers and panelists such as Tom McKinnon, CEO of Agribotix, Gareth Keane, Qualcomm Ventures, and Maria Stephanopoulos, Producer, ABC News, Good Morning America represent the range of expertise that will be present.

The show will also feature:

  • a pitchfest in which a select group of start ups will be presenting their drone concepts.
  • a Video Showcase that will screen the best in drone videography submitted by individuals and companies. Enthusiasts interested in submitting their work can do so here.
  • the IDE Drone Racing Cup, a race sanctioned by MultiGP, a drone racing league with chapters throughout the world
  • a session on women and drones chaired by the Drone Girl, Sally French who writes for the Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch among other publications

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 1.49.13 PMIn speaking with DRONELIFE, Michael Rosenberg, Senior VP at Krause, said the industry is growing at a rapid rate. “The U.S. started a little behind the curve but it is quickly catching up. We need to give credit to FAA. Through Part 107 and recent updates they have accelerated the process, enabling companies to quickly adopt drone technology. They realize there is a real business need and interest in using drone technology for a large variety of business applications. Our show will assist businesses looking to enter the space covering crowd sourcing, dealing with the media, funding, drone repair, and guerilla marketing tactics. It is an exciting time and we invite all with an active interest to attend. “

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