GoPro Reveals Karma Launch Date

We literally can’t take it anymore. Another teaser from GoPro concerning the company’s highly anticipated Karma drone. But at least this time there’s a shred of tangible information. We have a launch date! According to a tweet from GoPro’s official Twitter account, the Karma will be coming on September 19th – less than three weeks from now.


This latest news was also announced in rather bizarre fashion. But if you’re into metaphors and reading between the lines, you might be able to untangle a simple message from the promo video above: The Karma is coming, and it’s going to be the real deal. It’s also going to be pretty small by the looks of it – at least it will be if the footage from the video was shot with one. But let’s not add any more to the endless speculation.

One thing’s for sure: GoPro has a lot riding on this. After delaying the Karma’s launch at the start of the year for reasons that we still don’t quite understand, it’ll need to make a big impact if it’s to A.) live up to the hype, and B.) make up for declining sales and revenue in 2016.

GoPro Karma launch

Will the GoPro Karma be the real deal?

Whether or not it will truly take off depends to a great extent on how it measures up to major rivals DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec – not to mention competitors in the action sports drone sector, such as AirDog and Hexo+. With no official word on features or its price, the rest of the industry is totally in the dark.

This footage was released by GoPro about this time last year, and was shot with an early prototype of the Karma:

There were also leaks last month supposedly picturing the GoPro Karma:

karma leak

Only 17 days to go until we can stop guessing.

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