Drone Advertising Network Announced

In advance of this week’s InterDrone show in Las Vegas, Spalding Barker Strategies announced WhirrNet, the first global network of drone sites designed to allow for increased scale and scope for Advertisers in the growing consumer, prosumer, and commercial drone space. WhirrNet is designed to allow for a single point of contact and administration for advertisers while reaching a drone specific audience in a cost effective way.

“The idea is simple.   As the industry continues to mature there are opportunities for larger companies to be able to advertise Drones, Services, Software, and add-on products to a broad audience in the Drone marketplace.  Currently individual sites may lack the scale and scope needed for a large rollout (or have marketing staff to be able to manage these relationships).  WhirrNet and the companies that make up the network ,  provide a broad but targeted group of consumers and influences in a comprehensive, easy to administer way.”

McNabb continued, “Advertisers can now contact WhirrNet and be able to reach hundreds of thousands of users monthly in the Drone marketplace.  We are starting with Ad placement, with the goal to include Sponsored / Native content in the future and as clients direct us.  While many companies currently use services like Google Ad words to find clients, they often find that the results can be expensive and the audience too broad for what they are targeting.  WhirrNet will provide a cost effective alternative / Adjunct to those services.”  Currently participating websites are:

  • DroneFlyers
  • DroneLife
  • DroneRacingLife
  • JobforDrones
  • The Drone Girl
  • UAVCoach

Alan Perlman of UAVCoach, said that, “Drone sites continue to grow and expand and linking these sites together with WhirrNet allows companies to target a Drone audience in a way that has not been done before.”

Sally French who published the site The Drone Girl, said   “I’m looking forward to Whirrnet so I don’t have to worry about advertising on my site and can instead focus on what I do best — writing and engaging with the community.”

Craig Issod, Founder of Droneflyers.com, says, “Ads and promotion on these top drone site are more valuable to marketers than the typical “lowest bidder per impression, click or action” type of site. The curated content and audience of “drone industry influencers” act together as a multiplier for marketing dollars.”

For more information on WhirrNet, contact Harry McNabb at 617-901-3571 or by email at [email protected]

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