Citadel Fights Rogue Drones for American Agencies

Courtesy of Citadel Defense

Counter-drone provider Citadel Defense continues to reach new heights with key American agencies.

The California-based company has completed a six-month deployment of its anti-drone solutions for three undisclosed agencies, according to a recent Citadel press release.

The company adds that the deployment meets “regulatory, safety and critical infrastructure protection requirements.”

Due to security issues, the company won’t name the agencies, but it’s a safe bet they are involved in defense or law enforcement.

Citadel operates its Titan technology for “real-world missions for CUAS protection at live events throughout the continental United States.” Titan detects drone controllers, video and Wi-Fi links for individual drones and swarms and can then neutralize the threat.

The solution is designed for easy set-up (about 5 minutes) and deployment for military, government or commercial use. Portability can especially be important for mobile military operations where drone activity can disrupt a mission.

“Our team has been impressed with the multi-agency collaboration that will safely integrate counter drone technology into everyday operation,” Citadel CEO Christopher Williams said.

Williams added that Titan addresses Senate and congressional requests for safe national-security protection from rogue drone use in 2020

“Our products appeal to military, government, and commercial audiences because we focus on unmet needs, operational employment, and mission constraints that our operators face.  Citadel’s solution is designed and engineered to meet end users’ top priorities – protection, safety and ease of use.”

In September, Citadel partnered with the U.S. Air Force to protect military assets from drone assaults on the heels of an attack on Saudi oil assets – partially by drone.

Earlier this year, the company signed an agreement with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. The initiative deploys counter-drone measures in support of Special Operations Command requirements.

“[Titan’s] ease of use coupled with the fact that it can operate in environments where communications are critical, like major cities, airports or aboard large ships, provide users with a flexible solution for many missions,” Williams said of the agreement.

“Citadel’s escalating countermeasure approach is a unique advantage for customers because it can effectively detect, identify, and defeat drones with limited collateral affects to other important signals like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications.”

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