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DRONEII: The Drone Market from 2020-2025, Five Key Takeaways

Guest post: This article published with permission from our friends at DroneII, Drone Industry Insights. Article authored by Lukas Schroth. With a new year come new challenges, new market players, new use cases and new regulatory hurdles for the commercial drone industry. For this reason we’ve worked hard to develop our …

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COVID-19 is Here. Now, Where are the Drones? [Guest Op-Ed]

From Zipline If the current pandemic has created “a moment” for unmanned technology, where are all the drones?  It’s not that simple, say humanitarians. The following is a guest post co-authored by Olivier Defawe, Director of the VillageReach Drones for Health Program, and David Sarley, Innovation and Supply Chain Director at …

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AI-infused training coming for drone pilots, sensor ops

The Air Force is expanding its experiment with advanced, artificial intelligence-infused pilot training to the pipeline for creating drone pilots and sensor operators. The program, called RPA Training Next, takes some cues from the Air Force’s Pilot Training Next program. In a June 1 interview, program director Maj. Adam “Boomer” …

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Arusha acquires drone to fight poaching

By Zephania Ubwani @TheCitizenTZ news@tz.nationmedia.com Arusha. A community wildlife conservation project in Longido District, Arusha Region, has acquired a drone. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is intended to enhance patrols against game poachers. “We are the first wildlife conservation area (WMA: wildlife management area) to acquire the technology,” said Igno …

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Understanding hydrography, enabling autonomous technologies

Hydrography is the science that measures and describes the physical features of the navigable portion of the Earth’s surface and adjoining coastal areas. In addition, it supports nautical charting and the provisioning of tide, current and water level information for safe navigation of shipping, as well as marine conservation and …

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