Autonomous drone startup Airobotics raises $30 million to ac…

Israel’s Airobotics today announced it has raised a $30 million round of funding as the company continues to build out its U.S. operations.

Founded in 2014, the company has developed a commercial pilotless drone that self-deploys and then returns to its base, where robotic arms handle chores like changing the battery and various components. No human intervention is needed. The drones have proven to be particularly popular with mining companies, but are targeting a wide range of industries such as utilities and warehouses.

In late September, the company announced it was opening a North American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona to oversee its business in South America and Central America as well. The latest funding will help continue to grow that site, which Airobotics plans to eventually make its global headquarters.

“Airobotics is experiencing massive momentum and expanding across geographies,” said Ran Krauss, CEO and cofounder of Airobotics, in a statement. “We are honored that Pavilion Capital sees the huge potential in Airobotics’ technology and aerial data solutions. We have a strong business pipeline and to keep up with demand for our technology, we are continuing to expand operations across the countries in which we operate, specifically our new headquarters in the U.S.”

As with many drone companies, part of the challenge for Airobotics going forward is to obtain permission to fly its drones “Beyond Visual Line of Sight” or BVLOS in industry parlance. The company said some of the latest funding would be used toward its efforts to work with regulators around the world.

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