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Amazon’s Latest Patent Aims to Prevent Delivery Drone Hijack…


One of the principle challenges going through the mass rollout of drone supply providers is the issue of the final mile. Or, to be extra particular, the issue of the final 30 yards. How are packages going to be dropped off in a means that ensures that pets, kids and others with unhealthy intentions can’t intrude?

Amazon’s drone hijack issues

These are questions that Amazon can have to reply earlier than any mass rollout of its drone supply ambitions. The on-line retailer has efficiently filed a patent that seeks to handle that drawback. Titled, ‘Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles’, the patent describes a drone system that depends on a ‘heartbeat’ sign.

“As the use of [unmanned aerial vehicles] continues to increase, so does the likelihood of hostility towards UAVs. Such hostility may come in the form of attacks brought for any number of purposes (e.g., steal the UAVs and their payloads, crash the UAVs, and otherwise cause disruption to the operation of the UAVs),” the patent states.

“Using these attacks, nefarious individuals and/or systems may be able to obtain control of the UAVs by hacking the communication signals being sent to the UAVs from a controller and/or being sent by the UAV to the controller. Such attacks could cause the UAVs to operate unsafely and could also result in considerable financial loss for their operators.”

Giving a drone a heartbeat

The drone’s heartbeat is transmitted each few seconds. If the sign stops— which might occur within the occasion of injury or a hjack— Amazon’s drone will change modes from customary “mission” to “safety”. Once in security mode, the drone will carry out pre-programmed manoeuvres to re-establish communication with the central hub, try to regain management and land safely. It might additionally set off an alarm to deter any wrongdoers.

The system would probably work alongside specialised supply infrastructure to maintain parcels safe – one thing shut to a drone mailbox has additionally been explored by the corporate.

It’s yet one more attention-grabbing sample from Amazon. You can learn extra about a few of the firm’s drone-related patents right here:

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