crop spraying drones

Crop Spraying Drones U.S. Drone Manufacturer AgroDrone

Small manufacturer of crop spraying drones takes on big competition By Jim Magill Mark Twain once said, “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” If he were alive today, he probably would have added that buyers of agricultural land should also look into using drone technology in order to improve the …

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DJI’s Agriculture Drone AGRAS T20

DJI’s agriculture drone for crop spraying, the DJI AGRAS T20, makes agricultural spraying easier, smarter, and safer. Crop spraying by drone, while not widely legal in the U.S., has been adopted elsewhere around the world.  As agricultural drones get easier to fly and ever more automated, crop spraying by drone …

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How a New York Drone Firm Harvests Crop-spraying Missions

Image courtesy: Empire Drone Company New York-based UAS firm Empire Drone Company has received a Part 137 certification from the FAA, paving the way for the company to launch crop-spraying missions. Crop-spraying via drone has emerged as a blossoming trend in precision agriculture over the last five years. Unmanned missions …

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