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DJI Product Launch Set For November 28th

It feels as though every few months we try to unravel an abstract combination of words and images from DJI. It’s becoming a hobby, but really we’re just trying to figure out what on earth is next in the pipeline from the drone industry’s leading manufacturer.

This time we’ve got a struggle on our hands. Media outlets have been sent invitations for an upcoming launch event, so what do we know for sure? Well, DJI is holding the event on November 28th in New York, with the tagline Because Life Is Big. Aside from that, we have no idea what’s coming.

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DJI’s Latest Launch Event

DJI has had a busy year, launching the new Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, a commercial version of the same model, a new thermal camera, and a number of software products to bolster its enterprise range.

So what could be next?

We’ve been expecting a follow up in DJI’s Phantom product line for a while now. The last news we had in that regard was the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian in the summer of 2017. However, it might well be that the Phantom range is on its last legs.

It’s not clear what a Phantom 5 could offer compared to the new Mavic Pro 2, particularly as companies will (presumably) be adopting the Mavic 2 Enterprise and enthusiasts no longer have to choose between functionality and portability. The bulky Phantom line could be coming to an end.

However, the imagery from DJI has a resemblance to the Hasselblad lens most recently seen on the new Mavic 2 Pro. That seems like grasping at straws, but a new Phantom 5 could have interchangeable lenses we suppose.

Because Life Is Big? Our Prediction

Our best bet, having looked at the material DJI has sent out so far, is that the new launch is AR/VR related. We don’t think this is going to be the Phantom 5. The imagery is reminiscent of DJI Goggles. Who knows, maybe the company is about to release a pair of FPV goggles you can wear without looking like an absolute lemon.

“Because Life is Big” is an interesting choice of words. Maybe this isn’t drone-related at all?

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