Skyfish and DroneLogbook Partner – DRONELIFE

Skyfish M4 US manufacturer Skyfish produces survey-grade engineering drones that are rapidly emerging as a critical tool for large enterprise and government clients.  Now, Skyfish and DroneLogbook have partnered to provide the compliance data that drone pilots and large customers require. Skyfish has announced the addition of secure, enhanced mission data …

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sony cameras on drones Skyfish integration

In a new integration deal, U.S.-manufacturer Skyfish will leverage Sony cameras on drones to acheive engineering-grade digital twins of large infrastructure. The partnership is a “technical integration with Sony Electronics’ Alpha series mirrorless cameras[1], to deliver high-quality data capture and drone-enabled photogrammetry – the science of leveraging photography, proprietary algorithms, and …

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NDAA compliant US drone manufacturers petition congress

Skyfish M4 Is the Blue sUAS list actually hurting the domestic drone industry?  These manufacturers say it is – and are asking Congress to address the problem. Disclosure: DRONELIFE has a client relationship with drone manufacturer Skyfish.  This article is not a sponsored post: DRONELIFE received no payment for publication. …

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