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Skyfish M4

US manufacturer Skyfish produces survey-grade engineering drones that are rapidly emerging as a critical tool for large enterprise and government clients.  Now, Skyfish and DroneLogbook have partnered to provide the compliance data that drone pilots and large customers require.

Skyfish has announced the addition of secure, enhanced mission data tracking to their M4 and M6 drone platforms. Pilots can now keep track of equipment performance, maintenance schedules, and all information to comply with FAA regulations.

Skyfish M4 and Skyfish M6 drones are designed for precision engineering use-cases in the commercial and government sectors and support a broad range of sensors. Skyfish UAVs are most notably used for photogrammetry and 3D modeling of large infrastructure, but Skyfish drones can also integrate with thermal, OGI, and hyperspectral sensors, perform Lidar missions and robotic maneuvers.

DroneLogbook is a flight logging service that provides secure data storage. Its software, accessible through online software and mobile apps, allows pilots to automatically record crucial flight data – including flight time, GPS and altimeter data, weather conditions, airspace status updates and more. DroneLogbook tracks all drone operations to allow for the creation of reports in seconds.

Skyfish Mission Control software now cloud synchronizes flight data to DroneLogbook servers, as soon as the pilot lands their Skyfish drone.

“Skyfish’s partnership with DroneLogbook makes commercial drone programs more efficient and simpler – regardless of fleet size – and delivers an enterprise-grade flight logging solution,” said Dr. Orest Pilskalns, Skyfish CEO.

“From a pilot’s perspective, knowing how many hours are on the craft itself and how many hours they’ve been in the air is important” Pilskalns tells DRONELIFE.  “With DroneLogbook, there are so many things that you can track for safety and support issues – and having that data collection automated is a huge benefit.  It’s a data intensive field that we’re in, and having detailed and shareable flight data helps with compliance, maintenance, and safety.”

As Skyfish’s engineering drones gain momentum in the enterprise and government markets, the Skyfish and DroneLogbook partnership allows the company to provide even greater value for their large customers.

The partnership of Skyfish and DroneLogbook doesn’t only meet compliance requirement, says Yves Jusot, DroneLogbook CEO & Co-founder: it’s an elegant and easy -to-use solution.

“The depth of this integration with Skyfish results in one of the easiest, most efficient compliance workflows in the US-made drone industry, greatly improving ROI,” says Jusot.

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