Drone Charging for DJI Matrice Series: Heisha’s D135

Heisha Tech‘s new D135 dock provides automated drone charging for DJI Matrice series and other larger enterprise drone solutions. Heisha is focused on enabling automated drone operations by providing automated charging solutions for commercial, off-the-shelf drones.  The Heisha DNEST is designed for the DJI Mavic series: the new D135 drone …

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Heisha DNEST Turns DJI Mavic Zoom into Drone-in-a-Box

The new HEISHA DNEST  takes HEISHA’s signature autonomous charging pad and makes it smaller, sleeker and sheltered with added functionality: allowing any user to turn a commercial-off-the-shelf drone into an autonous, drone-in-the-box solution. “HEISHA used to focus on industrial platforms,” says CEO Ling Lu .  “In 2020, we began to get more and more consumer demands – but that presented big challenges.  …

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