Heisha DNEST Turns DJI Mavic Zoom into Drone-in-a-Box

The new HEISHA DNEST  takes HEISHA’s signature autonomous charging pad and makes it smaller, sleeker and sheltered with added functionality: allowing any user to turn a commercial-off-the-shelf drone into an autonous, drone-in-the-box solution.

“HEISHA used to focus on industrial platforms,” says CEO Ling Lu .  “In 2020, we began to get more and more consumer demands – but that presented big challenges.  We knew we needed a ready-to-fly, easy-to-use, small and smart standard HEISHA DNESTproduct.”

“We worked like integrators: collaborating closely with DJI and our flight control partners Freesky, testing again and again.  The DNEST  is the result of that effort: an autonomous drone solution that is simple, small and affordable.”

Check out the video below to see how easy the DNEST is to use.

The uses for autonomous drone solutions are numerous: from security and inspection to live video streaming to sell real estate online, HEISHA customers are finding new applications for the HEISHA DNEST every day.  In the current market climate, says CEO Ling Lu, HEISHA has seen the most traction from drone service providers.  “The biggest headache for the top service providers is not finding drone hardware, but finding enough qualified pilots to meet demand,” he explains. “For job at a fixed location – especially in rural areas – the cost of a pilot is quite high.  Docking stations are a good way to reduce costs, a core value of HEISHA products.”

While the pros may be HEISHA’s biggest market currently, HEISHA can see that the day is rapidly approaching when consumer demand rivals that of drone professionals.  With a DNEST in your yard or placed on your terrace, you can get an aerial view of your property from wherever you are if allowed in your area*.  Whether you use a DNEST for security, agriculture, or simply to show a friend your new pool: drone in a box solutions are quickly becoming more mainstream.

Now, HEISHA is offering qualified partners around the world exclusive distribution opportunities for the HEISHA DNEST.

*Check local drone regulations for flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).



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