Introducing the Gremsy MIO for Pro Drone Applications

The new Gremsy Mio is a lightweight, compact 3-axis gimbal designed to integrate into professional drone systems.

Gremsy is a leading provider of professional gimbals for the commercial drone industry.   The Gremsy Mio is the next-generation of 3-axis compact camera stabilizers, delivering robust performance for professional applications and offering the best weight-to-payload ratio.

What’s New with the Gremsy Mio?

The professional midget 3-axis Mio offers advanced capabilities to adapt to your missions, providing world class reliability and stability in a wide variety of challenging weather conditions.  The Mio is the smallest and lightest Gremsy gimbal offering motorized 3 axis stabilization in a small form factor.  Designed with flexibility in mind, Mio weighs only 250g: approximately half the weight of Pixy U thanks to the removal of the top bar on the tilt axis.

The quick release on Mio has also been redesigned: with the Power Port, HDMI port and the Single 20 pin connector for AUX, COM, CAN, SBUS, or PPM connections through the MTX hub. Mio allows up to 8 signals through the AUX port for connecting to other devices, such as AV signals or camera triggers.


Weight 250g/ 0.55 lbs
Payload 400g/ 0.88 lbs
Dimension (DxWxH) 120x99x175mm
Camera Cage (DxWxH) 43x85x70mm
Connection USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, PPM, Bluetooth, Micro HDMI
Gimbal Mode Lock Mode, Follow Mode, Mapping Mode, Inverted Mode, Front Mode

Versatile Payload Options

Despite its small size, Mio offers versatile compatibility with a wide range of payloads for industrial applications.  The compact and lightweight design allows Mio to work with various specialized cameras range from 113g to 400g, including the Sony R10C mapping sensor, the Micasense Rededge multispectral camera, or the Flir Vue Pro R infrared camera for agricultural applications.

Advanced Camera Mount

Gremsy’s new line up introduces a smart mounting solution for camera without using the top bar.  The camera can be held tightly on two contacts: the sliding tray and the side of the tilt motor: making the set-up cleaner, but still vibration-resistant.

Gremsy MioFlexible Mounting Options

Most gimbals are designed to be mounted at the bottom of the aircraft or installed upside-down on the top. With the Mio, however, you can capture distinct camera angles from any perspective with three different mounting options: bottom, top, and front mounting.

A bottom-mounted gimbal is a favorite option for aerial missions like mapping and surveying, enabling operators to collect images and data to create maps or surveys on the ground. Like Pixy U, Mio can be configured in bottom and upside-down modes to best meet your objectives.

In addition, Mio offers a new front mounting option, possible on small aerial platforms such as multi-rotor drones, unmanned helicopters & other smart devices for inspection, survey, monitoring, and more. Front payload mounting allows pilots improved visibility to detect obstacles and help keep the aircraft safe during the flight.

With a wide range of new features, the Gremsy Mio is the next generation in professional gimbals: offering all the reliability and stability that commercial drone operators require in a small, lightweight package.

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