drone payloads

Introducing the Gremsy MIO for Pro Drone Applications

The new Gremsy Mio is a lightweight, compact 3-axis gimbal designed to integrate into professional drone systems. Gremsy is a leading provider of professional gimbals for the commercial drone industry.   The Gremsy Mio is the next-generation of 3-axis compact camera stabilizers, delivering robust performance for professional applications and offering the …

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Fruity Chutes Drone Parachute Release

CA -based Fruity Chutes, a manufacturer of  parachute recovery systems for drones and other aerospace systems, has launched a critical piece of the recovery solution: the Raven On-Landing Parachute Release (ROPR).  The ROPR (patent pending) allows a parachute to be released automatically from a payload upon landing – limiting the …

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FlightWave Signs First Partner for Swappable Payload System

FlightWave Aerospace Systems has introduced their first companion of their revolutionary Payload Partner Program (PPP.) The title of this system doesn’t roll off the tongue, however FlightWave’s concept is price speaking about.  When DRONELIFE noticed FlightWave’s glossy Edge™ fastened wing at InterDrone final month, it was clearly a special type …

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