FAA Training for Part 107 Drone Pilot Night Ops

CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: Article updated April 13, 2021.

The only new privilege tied to the new Part 107 test and training after 4/6 is Operation at Night. Current Part 107 holders may Operate Over People and Moving Vehicles in accordance with the rule automatically after 4/21/21, when the rule goes into effect.  Call 844-FLY-MY-UA or email the FAA for more information.

The FAA is offering a specific drone training program for Part 107 online—for free.

The federal agency has announced current pilots who hold Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification can complete training courses that will update their knowledge of the Flight at Night rule set to take effect April 21.

Using the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) website, current 107 pilots can access three courses:

Drone pilots who don’t currently hold the Part 107 certification must still take the fee-based Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test online via an agency-approved Knowledge Testing Center which may be scheduled on the Airman Certificate Testing Service (ACTS) website.

By passing the test, Part 107 drone pilots will be permitted to operate drones over people, over moving vehicles and at night without a waiver under certain conditions.

“The FAA will accept airspace authorization requests from remote pilots to operate in controlled airspace at night as long as they have completed the updated testing or training requirements,” an agency statement noted.

“The FAA is expecting an increase in traffic to the FAASTeam site with the release of this training.  As such, remote pilots may experience technical difficulties while accessing the online courses and are encouraged to access the training outside of regular business days.”

For more information, call 844-FLY-MY-UA or email the FAA.



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