Drone Lighting the Autel and FoxFury Partnership

Drone lighting is critical for gathering accurate data, during the day  – and especially, at night. Unmanned aircraft manufacturer Autel Robotics and FoxFury Lighting have come together with lighting equipment made for Autel Robotics EVO II™ Series Aircraft.

Accurate data for applications like public safety require specialized lighting solutions.  During a demonstration in Las Vegas last year, the Las Vegas Police Department and Sundance Media Group demonstrated a nighttime crime scene investigation – where shadowing could mean the difference between documentation that’s admissable in court, or not.

drone lighting

FoxFury specializes in lighting – making portable, rugged, professional lighting solutions designed to assist in a wide variety of applications.  FoxFury was early in applying their lighting expertise to the drone industry, creating drone solutions to help drones fly in any lighting condition.

“FoxFury is an industry leader in unmanned and emergency scene lighting,” said Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics. “FoxFury filled our need for lighting systems on the original EVO product, and did an outstanding job in designing a seven hard-point mounting system for the EVO II™ aircraft. The seven hard points allow for mounting forthcoming authorized products on the EVO II™ platform.”

The FoxFury-designed, Autel-owned platform will support multiple FoxFury D3060 or D10 lighting systems, enabling pilots to be creative with lighting, dependent on need. A single D3060 might be mounted to fulfill FAA anti-collision lighting requirements, or mount multiple lights for daylight flight, indoor flight, or creative photography. The lights are rechargeable via USB-C connector.

We are pleased that Autel Robotics requested our Made in USA D3060 lights for their lighting needs, and it’s a strong addition to their Made in USA EVO II™ Dual offering,” said Maria Cugini of FoxFury. “With bi-directional lighting, the D3060 is an ideal lighting tool for indoor and outdoor flight in either day or night environments. FoxFury Lighting is proud to offer Made in USA  content based lighting products to Autel Robotic’s customers.”

“We believe that lighting is a critical component, and Autel wants to encourage pilots to use safety-vetted, authorized lighting systems for our aircraft,” said John Kuch, Public Safety Sales Manager for Autel Robotics. “This is why we offer the option of a lighting saddle-only, or a full kit of saddle and two D3060 lights. Additional lighting units are available from Autel dealers.”

The FoxFury lighting system kits are available from all authorized Autel dealers effective immediately, and FoxFury lighting offers the D3060 lighting systems on their website.



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