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DJI Opens UAS Training Centers in Europe

DJI has launched a UTC (Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center) program in the Netherlands. The move will provide businesses and commercial pilots in Europe with a place to train and learn how best to use drone technology for professional applications.

The European UTC program will offer training in the classroom and in the field across two campuses in the Netherlands. Each will offer a different curriculum: one dedicated to aerial photography and another dedicated to industrial inspection.

The two campuses are located at Space53 in Enschede and at DFC in Hoofddorp, and will be run by local training partner Drone Flight Academy.

“Many industries benefit from utilizing drone technology in Europe and globally. DJI wants to help businesses to benefit from drone technology, not just through our hardware and software solutions, but also through education and empowerment,” said Barbara Stelzner, Director of Corporate Communication at DJI EMEA.

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DJI to capitalize on European drone interest and market dominance

Plenty of businesses across Europe are already using drones to carry out tasks faster, more efficiently and without putting workers at risk.

The move to open up training centers on the continent should cement DJI’s dominance as far as commercial hardware goes. Teaching individuals and businesses how to use drones with the company’s equipment is a sure way to make that happen.

According to DJI, the goal of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center is “to establish a global industry standard, so that professionals and enterprises can take advantage of this amazing technology.”

DJI is also in the perfect position to bring its consumer expertise to the commercial business. For example, the aerial photography curriculum at the UTC will span operational know-how (basic UAS regulations, product knowledge, flight planning and operational best practices) with the creative aspects of aerial photography, including camera knowledge and post-production.

The industrial inspection curriculum will provide participants with technical and operational know-how as well as hands-on experience of inspection scenarios of infrastructures, power lines, solar panels, bridge structures and power plants.

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UTC offers UAS training and all-in-one accreditation

At the end of each course, DJI’s UTC participants will complete a knowledge and flight test. If they pass, they will receive a certificate from UTC.

Thanks to the partnership with Drone Flight Academy, successful participants will also receive the Remotely Piloted Aircraft License issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and required for commercial drone pilots in The Netherlands.

Should the EU ever get round to coordination a continent-wide commercial drone license, centers such as this could provide an appealing and direct gateway for professional pilots and businesses to gear up with DJI software and hardware.

Courses at UTC will be available in Dutch and English and will start from October 2018.

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