U.S. manufactured drones

Made in U.S. Zenith AeroTech Partners VIRTEX

VA-based Zenith AeroTech is ensuring that it’s tethered heavy lift solutions meet National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) parameters and can be produced more quickly to meet growing demand.  The company announces a partnership with VIRTEX Enterprises to develop Zenith AeroTech drones manufactured in the U.S. by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian …

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The American Drone Security Act: The Sequel

The American Drone Security Act: The Sequel The original American Drone Security Act (ADSA) proposal has had a significant impact on the drone industry, even though it was not passed.  The ADSA has now been reintroduced, however – with some changes.  Guest Contributor Dawn Zoldi, drone law expert and CEO of …

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Department of Interior to Use U.S. Manufactured Drones

After the fleet of U.S. Department of Interior drones was downed earlier this year in response to concerns about Chinese-manufactured drone platforms, the DOI has not flown except for emergency response.  (See our 2 part coverage of the U.S. ban on Chinese drones, here and here.)   As the party …

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