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GLOBHE World Record for Largest Album Drone Images

Copyright image of Antarctica used with express permission of GLOBHE. The GLOBHE world record for largest album of drone-collected images was achieved by “crowd-droning.”  Here’s how the concept can be used to help save the planet. *Copyright images used with express permission from GLOBHE. By Jim Magill GLOBHE, a Stockholm …

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The Year’s Top 30 Drone Photos

Leave a Comment Posted on January 30, 2019 In 2017 there were over 400,000 photos tagged with #fromwhereidrone on social media and I am excited to share that this year there are now over 900,000 photos! In honor of this huge milestone, I’ve compiled the top 30 most beautiful, dynamic, …

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The Year’s Top 60 Drone Photos

3 Comments Posted on January 22, 2018   Last year there were over 90,000 photos tagged with #fromwhereidrone and I am happy to share that this year on Instagram there are now over 400,000 photos. How cool is that?! In honor of this huge milestone I’ve compiled the top 60 …

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