Autel Updates EVO Nano and Lite Series Drones

Autel updates EVOAutel EVO Nano and Lite Series Drones Receive Firmware Updates

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, Autel Robotics unveiled several firmware and software updates for the EVO Nano and EVO Lite series, as well as for the Autel Sky App. These updates provide a variety of new features and improvements, such as Dynamic Tracking for the EVO Lite and Electronic Image Stabilization for the EVO Lite Series.

EVO Lite now has access to the personal dynamic tracking feature employed by the EVO Lite+. Controlled through the Autel Sky App, Dynamic Track allows the camera of the drone to automatically track and follow a person – ensuring that the subject stays within the frame of the shot. Dynamic Track features a suite of shooting modes for smart following, as well as control of safety features such as object avoidance.

The EVO Lite Series’ new Electronic Image Stabilization feature enables the drone to maintain a steady and consistent image when hovering and recording in Hyperlapse Mode, even in turbulent conditions. The EVO Lite will also benefit from a full-resolution vertical screen shooting mode with its 4-axis gimbal. The EVO Nano and Lite series will both receive access to an improved user interface that integrates with the Shoot, Video, and Pro modes. Additionally, the Autel Sky App will gain a 60fps option for video transmission.

Other updates for the EVO Nano+ include optimized wind resistance performance and flight control gimbal stability, and fixes to several issues such as a DNG file color error, a photo number display error in the App, an auto exposure lock error in the camera, errors in Hyperlapse, and other minor camera issues.

These new software and firmware features are currently available for the EVO Lite and Lite+ drones (V1.3.27), as well as the Nano and Nano+ drones (V1.3.26).

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