Will the Election Influence Drone Industry Growth?

It’s the end of October 2020, so our most recent DRONELIFE Minute Survey had to address the U.S. Presidential election.   

Just when you through that you could not stand one more poll, we have added one.  Regardless of your political persuasion, drone industry stakeholders all want to know what will happen next.  We asked DRONELIFE followers which candidate they thought was most likely to support commercial drone industry growth – or if it won’t matter at all.

There are a lot of very significant drone business surveys, and a lot of very official forecasts for the drone industry.  The DRONELIFE Minute Survey makes no claim to be either – it’s a way for DRONELIFE to share some of the prevailing buzz that comes our way from readers on a variety of subjects, and for us to track changes over time on topics that we feel would be of interest to our readers and the industry. Recent surveys included pricing in the commercial drone space and the effect of the coronavirus on business at a point in time.

The question was simple and the candidates’ names – we only named the obvious two – were listed alphabetically.

Here is what we asked about the November U.S. presidential election:

Global opinion: Which U.S. Presidential Candidate is Most Likely to Support Commercial Drone Industry Growth?

The majority of respondents felt that a Republican administration would support industry growth.  Trump came out the clear winner in this poll, with 42% indicating that a Trump Administration would be better for the commercial drone industry, while 29% felt that Biden would be better for industry growth.  29% felt that the election would not make a difference to the drone industry.

Please note our disclaimer: DRONELIFE is a global industry news source, and takes no position on the U.S. presidential election.  The results of this survey do not necessarily indicate which candidate our respondents will vote for on or before election day.  We did not ask if the respondents were U.S. citizens and were eligible to vote.



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