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Triumph of technology sees Zawahiri’s end

The killing of al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri (71) somewhere in Kabul last Saturday marks the triumph of technology. As US president Joe Biden claimed, there was no American on the ground in the Afghan capital to mastermind the highly-successful operation. It was a “precise, tailored airstrike”, using a drone, that …

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Greece Sees First Drones Being Launched in 2024

ATHENS – Seeing Turkey becoming a supplier of drones to countries at war that can even kill tanks from the sky – and with tensions still taut between them, Greece hopes to have its first drones working by 2024. The design of what’s called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is heading into …

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Army sees counter-drone tools for cooks, medics — GCN

Army sees counter-drone tools for cooks, medics By Lauren C. Williams Feb 05, 2021 The Army is leading the Defense Department’s strategy for making platforms and devices to counter small unmanned aerial systems usable by all service members. In January, the Pentagon released its counter sUAS strategy, highlighting the threats posed …

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