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Can drones zipping through the forest prevent fires?

A drone collecting data in the forest using Treeswift technology. Treeswift One of the major challenges of managing forest lands against threats like fire and deforestation is the daunting logistical hurdle of collecting data. Drones darting through forests under the canopy may help. The precarious-sounding premise has won a big …

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Israel fires missiles at Hezbollah drone

The Israeli military says it fired interceptor missiles and protectively scrambled warplanes after what it described as a drone launched from Lebanon crossed its tense northern border. Hours later, investigations concluded the drone managed to return to Lebanon, the Israeli military said in a statement on Friday, stopping short of …

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Drones for early detection of forest fires

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The UC3M’s researchers coordinating the scientific part of the project, Fernando García y Abdulla al-Kaff, from the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation, have developed the complete automatic flight system, as well as the interface with which the emergency service can access information about what is …

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