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Drone pilots are quarantined like everyone else – but if you can get out of the house to log some flying hours, you won’t want to miss Hivemapper’s March Mapness contest.  The contest is open to all drone pilots flying almost any hardware or camera, and you can create a free account to participate.

Hivemapper is a commercial drone mapping platform powered by AI and designed to use video from a broad variety of cameras and aircraft.  Maps can be private to companies or individuals, or can join thousands of other maps created by others in the network to continue to grow.

From the Hivemapper blog

Hivemapper is pleased to announce it’s first mapping contest! We’re giving away over $5,000 in prizes to users for uploading their aerial video and building a 3D map.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect aerial video using a drone like the DJI Phantom (or any other aircraft you can get your hands on.)
  2. Create a free account at Hivemapper.com and upload your videos.
  3. Submit your map by April 30, 2020 for a chance to win!

Hivemapper will automatically turn your video into a 3D map. Additional video collections in the area will continue to build and grow your map

Grand Prize

Largest Map — $3,000

Map your block, neighborhood, or city! If you have a DJI drone try using our autonomous mapping guide to map a square kilometer in about an hour. Grow your map until you’re confident no one can catch up.

Second Prize (x2)

Coolest Map — $1,000

Create a map that shows us something amazing. Maybe it’s a stunning map of a beautiful location. Or maybe it’s a map that shows us something interesting using one of our tools like Change Detection, Object AI, or Timeline. Or perhaps you were in the right place in the right time and mapped an area that will never look the same. Submissions will be voted on by the Hivemapper staff, so impress us.



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