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Last few days for funding and Help for Drones doing good in …

“Drone Pioneer Award” (DPA) is  a German based non-profit that helps to bring small unknown drone projects to the surface by providing support and a 5,000 Euro award for the project selected with the goal of making the world a better place using drones.  Applications are accepted until September 15th.

You can learn more and apply here.

DroneLife spoke to Michael Weiland, who is the Managing Director of the UAV DACH e.V. Unmanned Aviation Association    he told us that the motivation for starting the Drone Pioneer Awards was to make the world better.

Michael told us, “But how can you do that as a leader of an association? I found the UN goals for 2030 (SGDs). My friends and I thought it is great to combine the UN goals with UAS and thus we designed the DPA. We provide projects a platform, connect them with multiplier such as the former foreign minister of Germany (Joshka Fischer’s consultancy), Sony, Accenture, and offer publicity by press coverage.  Also this year’s the winner will receive 5000€ in cash.

To learn more and to apply check below.


Companies, startups, organizations and project groups that work on drone applications either B-2-C or B-2-B application solutions are welcome to apply.

The award will honor projects that will transform the market and help to reach goals in the seven categories of a sustainable society.

UAV DACH e. V. is a major German based drone association with their first public event occurring October 15th in Franksfurt,  German.  Learn more and sign up here.



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