Heisha’s New Automatic Charging Pad Now Available for DJI’s …

Heisha’s automated charging docks are a game changer for DJI drones like Phantom, Mavic and Inspire – and now, their revolutionary tool is available for DJI’s latest offering, the Mavic Mini.

Heisha engineers are continually improving their products’ charging safety, efficiency and stability.  Heisha understands user needs in a wide variety of verticals: warehousing management, agriculture, mining, ports survey, and security.  Autonomous solution providers are using Heisha’s charging product as part of a “best of breed” end to end solution.

“Our mission is providing the best drone automatic charging pad, focusing on research and develop easier, faster, better, safer automatic recharging solution for drones, really hope we can push the unattended technology’s development to make our life better,” says Heisha’s chief product manager, Mr. Liao.

Check out the video below to see the Heisha Nest in action.







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