Zimbabwe integrates drones into aviation system

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) has fully implemented the 2018 regulations to safely integrate drone technology into the country’s aviation system. This ensures innovative drone use without endangering other aircraft or violating privacy.

CAAZ reminded private drone users of regulations under Statutory Instrument 271 of 2018, which guide private, commercial, corporate, and non-profit drone operations for purposes such as agriculture, surveillance, tourism, and recreation.

The regulatory framework aims to maintain aviation safety, protect privacy and security, and allow the drone industry to innovate and grow. Drone importation requires a CAAZ-issued clearance letter, and a valid remote pilot license is needed for operation. Commercial drone use also necessitates a remotely piloted aircraft system operator certificate from CAAZ.

Drone operation is restricted to below 400 feet, not within 5.6 km of an aerodrome, and away from restricted, prohibited, or controlled airspace. They cannot be flown near nuclear plants, prisons, police stations, crime scenes, courts, national key points, or strategic points.

Private drone use is banned within 30 meters of buildings, public roads, and airport flight paths. Government departments using drones for specific purposes may be exempt from some requirements.

Drones cannot be sold without notifying buyers of CAAZ regulations, and the public is advised to report any suspicious or unauthorized drone activity.

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