Use drones to combat illegal dumping says Cheevers

Using drones to identify people carrying out illegal dumping could prove an effective way for the Galway City Council to combat this major problem.

This is the view of Fianna Fáil Galway City East councillor, Alan Cheevers, who is calling on the council to invest in drone technology. “I believe it can work towards finding the major black spots of illegal dumping and, at Halloween, identity stockpiling at locations of hazardous materials.”

The councillor [pictured above] has also called on the council to start “naming and shaming the culprits of illegal dumping”. He pointed out that tax defaulters are named and shamed, and he has called for the current legislation to be amended so the same can be done to illegal dumpers.

“It is costing Galway City Council thousands of euro per year to deal with illegal dumping,” he said. “As we enter into a challenging budget at the end of month we need to do what we can to curb this issue.”

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