Teal Colors a Bright Future with Golden Eagle Drone Launch

Source: Teal

Utah-based drone provider Teal is winging its way into the UAV stratosphere with the recent launch of the Golden Eagle.

The American-made drone system provides aerial surveillance and awareness through, what a Teal press release dubs, “scalable, secure, and rugged technology.”

A drone provider since 2014, Teal manufactures aerial surveillance and awareness for inspections and short-range reconnaissance. The launch is the latest win for Teal, which already operates pilot programs for several Fortune 500 companies in addition to several government agencies.

The Golden Eagle drone is a dual-use platform and was recently selected as an approved system for the U.S. defense department and other federal agencies as part of the Defense Innovation Unit’s Blue sUAS Project. The drone system will also soon be available on the GSA schedule.

The drone system pairs seamlessly with Teal’s new TAC ground control station for a “fully secure end-to-end solution.” Company officials are looking to the Golden Eagle to enhance Teal’s focus in the civil and defense sectors, as well as commercial sectors such as agriculture, surveying, construction and energy.

“Golden Eagle is the [drone] system we’ve always wanted to build. It’s the culmination of five years of work to bring to market a combined hardware and software platform that maintains the ethos of Teal One, but with new industrial-grade technology ready for the most demanding aerial operations,” Teal CEO George Matus said.

“From the beginning, we’ve worked to build unmanned systems to be more than just flying cameras. Golden Eagle fulfills that vision and more, equipping businesses and government agencies alike with a scalable, secure, and rugged system that keeps them informed and protected in the field.”

Features include:

  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile computing platform with real-time edge processing to enable autonomy capabilities, computer vision and AI detection of people and vehicles.
  • A new standard in aerial data security, including AES 256 encryption, secure boot capability, and more, notably surpassing Department of Defense requirements, complying with section 848 of the FY20 NDAA, and addressing head-on the dual-use, dependency and data-flow concerns synonymous with foreign platforms.
  • A swappable payload at the front of the system that stabilizes two cameras – a surveillance-grade 4K sensor and a high-sensitivity FLIR thermal sensor – for operations in any conditions, including low-light and no-light scenarios.
  • Front-facing obstacle avoidance, wide-angle visual inertial odometry, and onboard artificial intelligence to enable autonomous flight.
  • An efficient, high-voltage propulsion system that provides high flight performance and endurance with a low acoustic signature that makes it inaudible at minimal ranges, creating an exceptional tool for intelligence and surveillance.
  • A compact and ruggedized airframe that flies at faster than 50 MPH with flight times of up to 50 minutes and starting operational ranges of more than 2 miles. Golden Eagle also performs in extreme environments of 30+ MPH of wind resistance and between -32° and 110° Fahrenheit.



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