Tacoma Resolution Supports Responsible Recreational Drone Us…

TACOMA, Wash. – Following community concerns in Tacoma regarding possibly unsafe drone operation, as well as confusion about federal laws and regulations surrounding recreational drone use, the City Council has passed Resolution 40658 supporting responsible recreational drone use in Tacoma. The resolution directs the City Manager to establish a point of reference on the City’s website connecting Tacoma community members to federally established laws and regulations as well as recommended best practices. 

“Technological advancements provide us with many wonderful new devices and toys – including drones – which can be great fun,” said At-Large Council Member Lillian Hunter. “Without adequate knowledge of pertinent federal laws and regulations surrounding recreational drone use, however, drones can also be a great nuisance. It is important for recreational drone operators to have fun responsibly, safely, and with consideration of impacts on neighbors and the greater community. Surprisingly few people are aware that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the governmental body that regulates all aspects of civil aviation in our country, and they have specific rules and regulations for recreational drone operation. I know I was. This resolution is intended to help drone operators fully understand the FAA’s expectations and their role in responsibly meeting those expectations.” 

“This past summer, my son got his first drone for his birthday,” said District 1 Council Member John Hines. “After flying it around our yard for a few days, he grew bored and wanted to take it to one of our local parks. At the time, I was not sure about whether drones were allowed in parks and what the rules might be. I began to look into the requirements and found that the information was hard to find, and there were requirements I did not know about. I wanted to move forward with this resolution to make it easier for community members to locate the FAA’s latest guidance on recreational drone use. As drones grow in popularity and more people, like my son, want to get out into our parks and open spaces, it is critical that they have easy access to accurate information about what is expected.” 

The latest details regarding recreational drone use are available on the FAA’s website. The City will soon reference this information on the front of its website, cityoftacoma.org, under the “What’s Going On” section.

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