Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Effects Processor First L…

The new Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Effects Processor is arguably the most powerful multi-effects processor ever developed for Eurorack format systems.

In this official demo, Divkid Ben Wilson takes the production model of the of the Hyperion Effects Processor for a spin, exploring its capabilities and showcasing the powerful module in action.

“This video looks at 7 algorithms, exploring different patches and some of what the E520 offers,” notes Wilson. “Future videos will explore the algorithms in detail in my usual ‘deep dive’ style, looking at the time-based and spectral -ased effects.”

Topics covered:

00:00 Hello & patch previews

0:58 E520 run down, video layout, other resources

01:41 Algo: Pattern Delay – DNB / Jungle beats

01:49 Algo: Pattern Delay – exploration

02:29 Algo: Pattern Delay – melodic patch

03:07 Algo: Frequency Shifter – west coast harmonic playground

04:20 Algo: Spectral Drone – windy reverberant washes

04:48 Algo: Diffusion Flanger – lush textures and ambience

06:04 Algo: Spectral Time Machine – live vocal mangling!

07:15 Algo: Chowder Delay – beat chops, stutters and reverses

08:21 Algo: Phaser – rich stereo modulation

See the Synthesis Technology site for details.

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