Optelos Drone Inspection Turnkey Solution

Optelos drone inspectionOptelos drone inspection services, announced today, offer a turnkey and risk-free solution to enterprise clients who want the benefits of drone-captured digital data – without the hassle of training pilots and buying hardware.

Over the last several years, data experts Optelos have significantly built their partner network and continually developed their AI-driven data analysis solutions.  Now, the company is in an ideal place to address one of the biggest pain points for commercial customers and provide an end-to-end solution, from data capture in the field to data analysis in the office.

The Optelos drone inspection services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making it low risk for customers.  “The end-to-end turnkey drone inspection solution includes drone data capture through FAA part 107 certified pilots, 2D/3D model creation and access to the Optelos Asset Advisor platform for secure visual data management, analysis, reporting and collaboration,” says the Optelos announcement.  “Each project starts with a free needs assessment to identify the customer’s specific drone inspection needs, timing, and budget requirements. Each engagement is uniquely designed to fully meet the customer’s asset inspection needs for their exact situation by aligning drone data collection methodologies with the desired inspection outcomes to guarantee optimal results.”

Optelos’ turnkey solution utilizes automation and AI-powered analysis methodologies to customize data collection and output for different asset types: Cell Towers, Flare Stacks, Stockpiles, Tank Farms, and more.

“We work closely with enterprises across many asset-intensive industries, including power utility, oil and gas, wireless carriers and process manufacturers. From that experience we’ve developed specific processes and data collection methodologies that produce optimal results for each asset class across all kinds of challenging environments” said Ed Sztuka CRO at Optelos. “We are able to deliver our cost-effective, end-to-end drone inspection service so reliably, that we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the results don’t meet our customer’s needs and we can’t make it right, we’ll provide a 100% refund.”

In the current tight labor market and evolving regulatory environment, starting a drone program from scratch can be a huge challenge.  Optelos is tapping into a national network of FAA Part 107 certified pilots, trained on the Optelos methodologies: and “is guaranteed to be safe, legal and insured,” says the company.  Customers can access advanced data collection services which include RGB, Infrared, LiDAR and Multispectral sensors –  as well as NDVI, elevation, methane detection and 360 ground level captures.

The Optelos drone inspection service leverages their flagship product, the Optelos Asset Advisor™ platform, an enterprise-class visual data management system.  While the software and analytics deliver the digital insights that enterprise customers need – including 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D Digital Twin models – their new turnkey solution makes that digital data more accessible to customers than ever before, removing the major barriers to entry.  The drone industry adage “it’s not the drone, it’s the data” holds true more than ever now, as enterprise applications like inspections evolve.  Optelos is delivering exactly what many enterprise customers want – the insights enabled by drone data, without having to fly the drones.

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Miriam McNabb

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