NATO countries plan to create protective ‘drone wall’ along …

NATO countries bordering Russia, including the three Baltic nations, Finland, Norway, and Poland are planning to develop a “drone wall” system to help defend their borders amid the ongoing war with Ukraine and following a series of “provocations.”

About the protective ‘drone wall’

Officials from six NATO countries, Finland, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania said that they had discussed creating a coordinated system of drones to help defend their collective borders along Russia. 

Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite announced the plan after talks with her counterparts from the other Baltic nations as well as Finland, Norway and Poland. 

“This is a completely new thing, a drone wall stretching from Norway to Poland, and the goal is to use drones and other technologies to protect our borders,” Bilotaite told news agency BNS. 

She also spoke about how the countries would not only use physical infrastructure, and surveillance systems but also drones and other technology to protect themselves against “provocations from unfriendly countries and to prevent smuggling.”

Along with drones to monitor the border the six NATO countries will also use anti-drone systems to stop enemy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

Estonia’s Interior Minister Lauri Laanemets also noted the importance of UAVs amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

“As we see in the case of Ukraine, there is a constant race between the adversaries to develop technology, and new ways to use drones are continually being found in warfare,” Laanemets said as quoted by The Baltic Times.

Why now? 

Last year, several European countries, including Finland and Poland, which share a border with Russia accused Moscow of pushing its migrants to destabilise the nations and engage in “hybrid warfare”. 

Hybrid attacks deploy non-military measures that tend to have an element of deniability, a method that Russia has been accused of using in European nations. Moscow has repeatedly denied these claims. 

Earlier this month, the United States-led alliance issued a sharp warning over “hostile” Russian activity across Europe and called it a threat to Western security. 

In a statement, NATO, on May 2 accused Russia of carrying out “sabotage, acts of violence, cyber and electronic interference, disinformation campaigns, and other hybrid operations.”

Baltic nations have also repeatedly said that Russia has been intentionally jamming GPS navigation systems in their region, causing major disruption in air travel.

Earlier this month, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that Warsaw has joined the European Sky Shield Initiative, which involves 21 NATO countries which will establish an Iron Dome-like air defence system to take out incoming missiles and drones.

(With inputs from agencies)

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