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Here at DRONELIFE, we get to meet a lot of interesting people doing interesting things.  Last month at Commercial UAV in Amsterdam, we met Amjad Karim, the CEO and founder of Keen AI.  Keen AI is a UK-based software company working on bringing AI to the inspection space.

DRONELIFE: Tell us a little bit about what you do.

Amjad Karim:When you inspect something you look at it visually, as drones are being used you get lots and lots of footage but the process to inspect that video is manual.  If you do not solve that problem it creates a bottleneck.  If you provide the footage, our software can take out what is important.

We work to create models without data scientists.”

DRONELIFE: How did you come up with the idea and what is the use case?

Amjad Karim:  “We were building predictive models for large companies. For example,  failure modules, which tell us how likely is the asset to fail in the next year. You need images to be able to get the data to build the model.

We asked, can I prevent you from having to watch thousands of hours of video? Can I learn for the model?  One goal is to automate, and another is to augment the process to make it better and more predictive.”

DRONELIFE:  Has the project been successful?

Amjad Karim:  “Yes! First was a proof of concept, and in the next six weeks we will report our further results with recommendations.

We are trying to work with the client to answer some questions on what we can do with this technology.  How far can we take condition assessment?”

DRONELIFE:  Why are you at Commercial UAV?

Amjad Karim:  “We were asked to come here and present by our client. We also want to understand and to test the assumption that there is a bottleneck being caused by large amounts of data.”

DRONELIFE:  How will you grow?

Amjad Karim: “The UK is very concentrated, so we are working to build partnerships with other companies.”

DroneLife:  What would you like our readers to know about Keen AI that they would not normally know?

Amjad Karim:  “If you look at the background of the two co-founders, it is the application of math to business problems…

I also keep bees!”

Machine Vision AI from KEEN AI on Vimeo.

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