India’s Drone Industry is on the Rise: Register Now for the …

India’s drone industry is on the rise – and investors, service providers, drone ecosystem companies and customers who are interested in what could be one of the world’s biggest markets can get an insider’s view at the Drone Festival of India, held January 6 and 7 in New Delhi.  Register now at Drone Federation of India, sponsors of the event.

From Deep Kanakia, the Director of Operations for the Drone Federation of India:  “The Drone Industry in India is at a point of inflexion where the fundamentals have been proven and the potential has been recognised. For any technological market to flourish there needs to be focus on innovation, financing and having a healthy regulatory environment,” says Kanakia. “India is moving past this inflexion point as it navigates the complexity of having all three factors in place. India’s drone ecosystem is going to grow manifold in the near future in both Drone Services and Drone Manufacturing Sectors.”

Check out this video of last year’s Drone Festival – and read on to see what you can expect this year.

Drone Festival of India – India’s Largest UAV Conference

The Drone Festival of India hosted in partnership with the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India is India’s largest UAV conference. Drone Festival of India hosts Keynotes and Panel Discussions on the Drone Policies of the World, Advancement of Drone Technology, Operations and Traffic Management in the Drone Ecosystem and the Future of the Drone Industry.

Speakers and Audience

Attend the event to meet and network with Aviation Regulators, Drone Manufacturers, Drone Services Companies, Drone Software Companies, Flying Training Organisations, Pilots, Enthusiasts and Consumers of Drone Services from both Government and Private sector companies in the Agriculture, Cement, Chemical, Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance, Logistics, Mining, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Solar and other sectors.



  • How drones are contributing the economy by enabling Jobs, Investment and Taxes.
  • Current regulatory framework and its phase-wise rollout.
  • How regulations across the world are facilitating the safe integration of Manned and Unmanned Aviation in the airspace.
  • Drone manufacturing in India: Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Enabling your enterprise through Drones: Right from inspecting oil refineries to mapping the whole country.
  • Today’s special: Tomorrow’s mainstream: Spraying Pesticides to Augmented Reality on Drones.
  • Aeromodelling and Drone racing enabling innovation.
  • Best Practices for Operations and the Role of flight training organizations.
  • The need for Insurance Products: Insurance Models and Challenges
  • How drones are used in Disaster Management, Wildlife Conservation
  • Role of Drones in Homeland Security
  • Role of Unmanned Traffic Management Systems in Airspace conflict management
  • How telecom is going to be the biggest enabler of Unmanned Aviation

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