Flying Cars SkyDrive Plans Launch in 2023

Japan’s SkyDrive is moving fast to put commercial flying cars into the air over Osaka Bay.  The company, which launched a cargo drone this spring and flew their first flying car test flights this summer, plans to launch their air mobility product commercially by 2023.  It’s an ambitious timeline, but a group of companies and government stakeholders are joining together to make it happen.  SkyDrive has joined the Roundtable on Practical Use of Flying Cars Aiming to Realize “Moving Revolution Society” in Skies over Osaka.  The Roundtable held their first meeting November 17.

“We at SkyDrive see the Osaka-Kansai Japan World Expo 2025 as a milestone on the road tow ard the full-scale realization of an air mobility society and as such will aim to take a leading r ole in the upcoming roundtable conferences, seeking to drive forward the discussion and org anize practical demonstrations of how flying cars work and can transform urban mobility,” says a SkyDrive press release.

“Just Get On With It”

The Japanese government is embracing the idea of urban air mobility and drone technology.   Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that drones were a significant part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and that Japan would not be left behind.  Since then, Japan has made major strides to support the development of the commercial drone industry: flying cars are a natural corollary.

Hirofumi Yoshimura, the Governor of Osaka Prefecture, says that his area is ready to serve as a point of innovation. “Osaka, the bay area in particular, is suitable for the flying car business both geopolitically, and as an economic hub. The spirit of Yatteminahare (Just do it) is valued in Osaka. Just get on with it.”

See the SkyDrive flying car world debut flight.

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