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Sentera Fully Integrates NDVI into DJI Phantom 4

Sentera right now introduced its capacity to transform a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone into a software that collects NDVI crop well being information. By integrating the ultra-lightweight, super-precise Sentera NDVI Single Sensor onto the Phantom 4 Pro platform, agronomists and growers have a brand new software for addressing crop points. In a single flight, visual-band RGB, near-infrared (NIR) and normalized distinction vegetation index (NDVI) information will be captured concurrently, after which learn instantly for fast perception and motion.

“The timing couldn’t be better for our customers in the northern hemisphere! True NDVI technology can really boost their 2017 growth potential,” famous Kris Poulson, vp of agriculture for Sentera. “In the next month, some growers will see their first crops popping up. Now is the optimal time to start using True NDVI data to make input decisions: while the plants are young and vigor can be influenced.”

The Sentera NDVI Single Sensor contains a high-sensitivity international shutter imager and low-distortion optics for crisp, clear aerial RGB and NIR information assortment — straight chargeable for creating correct NDVI maps. Sentera’s TrueNDVI resolution captures, after which seamlessly flows information into Sentera AgVault™ software program, the place extra analytics will be carried out, information is cataloged and saved, and able to leverage instantly and for fast motion — on the subject edge, or throughout the nation.

“The 2016 growing season really proved the value of TrueNDVI for our customers with DJI Phantom and Inspire products,” Poulson continued, “For the first time many growers could analyze data they never thought possible to even capture, and the progression continues into 2017 with the Phantom 4 Pro NDVI upgrade. The ability to visually assess crop health with TrueNDVI — and to do it reliably and efficiently — completely changes the game for the grower, the agronomist, and anyone managing large-scale operations.”

Sentera’s TrueNDVI improve leaves the factory-supplied DJI Phantom 4 Pro gimbaled digicam untouched, preserving the total performance of its 1-inch 20-megapixel inventory sensor.

Existing Phantom 4 Pro drones will be despatched on to Sentera or a Sentera-authorized reseller for modification. Growers who need to receive a brand new Phantom 4 Pro drone with NDVI capabilities can buy an built-in system straight by way of Sentera or its resellers. The full bundle is obtainable for pre-order right here for $4148. According to website online, orders will ship in March of 2017.

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