Sweden’s Drone laws, what are they?

Sweden's drone laws

Sweden’s Drone laws can vary based on the components such as drone camera or area of use. Drone laws in Sweden are quickly changing due to government and commercial drone use. Drone cameras were once banned but could have a different status in the near future for UAV pilots in Sweden.

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What is a drone?

What is a Drone?

What are drones?

Drone, or UAV, is an ”Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” which are mostly used by the military and law enforcement but that is quickly changing with the boost in the consumer market. The UAV is a remotely piloted aircraft’s (RPA), also refereed to as Drones, that can be remotely piloted from anywhere in the world. In the present day these machines are being used for many other uses outside the scope of their original purpose for military operations. They’ve become mainstream products and currently has various drone laws governing commercial and personal use in many countries.

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