Drone Mapping in Construction: SimActive’s Correlator 3D

Drone mapping in construction can provide construction firms with the data they need to make profitable decisions.

Chasco Constructors started in Round Rock, TX as a 4-man shop: but today, Chasco is an award winning, full service commercial construction company with over 300 employees.  They’re using cutting edge technology, including drones and mapping, to monitor construction over a more than 50 acre site.

Chasco is using SimActive Inc.’s Correlator3D product. Correlator 3D is a mapping and processing software that can utilize aerial images from satellite, manned aircraft or drones.  The same sophisticated processing can be used to map a construction site or an entire country.

This project was performed by the Virtual Design Construction (VDC) group for Round Rock Public Safety.  “Using SimActive software, Chasco mapped and modeled the site every step of the way from initial grading, through to final landscaping,” says a SimActive press release.   “The site was flown with drones bi-weekly throughout the design process over a period of one year.”

“Drones are a real game-changer as they allow us to quickly create accurate, high-resolution maps, reports, and 3D models for immediate analysis”, said Michael Lambert VDC Manager at Chasco. “SimActive was our choice for processing these image datasets, due to the efficiency of the design interface and the speed in which these could be processed.”




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